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How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution!

With 2022 upon us, many people will be making New Year’s resolutions in an attempt to better themselves or meet a goal. However, as we know, these resolutions far too often fall by the wayside as the business of life takes root. As an organization all about balance and productivity, let’s give you our top tips towards keeping your resolution this year!

Set a Measurable Goal

An important part of creating a resolution is finding something both attainable and measurable. This will help you monitor progress and make your goal not seem too impossible. Many people set “weight loss” as a New Year’s resolution; however, this doesn’t necessarily give you much direction. Instead, make your goal measurable such as “lose 15 pounds this year.” Instead of setting a goal of “spend more quality time with kids,” make it measurable with “set aside one evening per week for quality time with the kids.”

Revisit Your Goal

You are much more likely to accomplish a resolution if you keep it on your mind. Many people write their goals on sticky notes and put them on their mirrors to see every morning and evening, a technique that increases the likelihood of goal attainment. The reality is that the more you see your goal, the more likely you are to remember to focus upon it.

Celebrate Small Wins

Resolutions tend to be major goals; however, an important part of the goal attainment process is feeling like you are making progress. Thus, be sure to set smaller milestones along the way and celebrate when you hit them. For example, if your New Year’s resolution is to run a marathon, perhaps celebrate a half marathon milestone and a 20-mile run along the way. These smaller wins will help build confidence and maintain momentum.

Get An Accountability Buddy

It is often easier to give up on a resolution if you are the only person keeping track of it. If you have a friend that wants to stick to a resolution as well, consider teaming up as accountability buddies. Chat frequently about one another’s progress. This is a good way to keep the goal on your mind and help track progress. It can also provide some important motivation when it is most needed.

Final Thoughts

While many people don’t keep their New Year’s resolutions, following these steps will make it more likely that you will be able to follow through. If your resolution involves getting more productivity out of your day, keep in mind Flowtime’s website blocker which aims to help you meet your goals head on in 2022!

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