Double Productivity.

Block distracting sites.
Make productivity your priority.

Over 30,000 people use FlowTime to improve their productivity

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How It Works

FlowTime is a Website Blocker and Pomodoro timer that boosts your productivity by making your mind go into the state of flow faster.


Why Choose FlowTime?


Double Productivity 

Flow is the mental state of operation in you are fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. It is a state in which you are the most productive!


Block Distractions

People tend to pass by distracting websites, only to get sucked in for hours, detracting significantly from work. FlowTime blocks out these destractions for you so that you can focus only on crushing work!

Grab a Cup of Coffee

Whats more important the productivity? Relaxation. FlowTime imposes rest periods following periods of work to protect you from burnout and keep your productivity levels high.


30,000+ Users

Trusted by thousands users. Every day. 



How will this make me more productive?

The mind can be highly productive in brief periods of intense focus. FlowTime re-crafts your workflow to put up time bounded guardrails and focus heavily in brief sprints.   

Will you store my data?

No. FlowTime will never store a users web traffic data. We believe in the privacy of our users. FlowTime is only meant to supercharge us into productive machines! 

What is a Pomodoro Timer?

A Pomodoro timer creates bursts of work followed be brief periods of rest, and then repeats. This allows you to focus intensly when you need to foucs, and rest when you need to rest. 

Does it Block distracting websites?

Yes. FlowTime allows you in input any Websites that may be distracting, and toggle whether you'd like to be able to access these sites or not. This ensures that you don't accidentally drift into being unproudctive..